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Yes, responsible delegation really is the foundation of business growth

But it isn’t so easy.

I came across this Harvard article the other day which I think explains the balance needed so clearly across any organisation if you are to get it right. Yes, it’s tricky to make that leap from doing to delegating.

As Jesse Sostrin says in this article:

‘In the short term you may have the stamina to get up earlier, stay later, and out-work the demands you face. But the inverse equation of shrinking resources and increasing demands will eventually catch up to you, and at that point how you involve others sets the ceiling of your leadership impact.

The upper limit of what’s possible will increase only with each collaborator you empower to contribute their best work to your shared priorities.

Likewise, your power decreases with every initiative you unnecessarily hold on to.’

You must let go and let others get the job done to grow your organisation. The more you hold onto, the lower the ceiling you impose on your business growth.

But yes, it’s tricky, delegation can only happen in an environment of mutual trust. 

You must trust they will do the job.

And they must trust you will give them the support to grow into the job (knowing their growth depends on letting failure happen too).

Check out what Jesse Sostrin has to say on the topic here.

To summarise Jesse’s points..:

But there is so much more said in the article with its insightful examples and discussion. I strongly recommend you read it.

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