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Business can be complex and, yes, I agree it usually needs to be complex somewhere.

But so often business owners make it more so. Unnecessarily so. It’s so easy to add bits and pieces on the go.

The trouble is, complexity obscures and leaves everyone confused, not sure, left to themselves to make disparate decisions – all the kiss of death to a sleek, successful sales system.

Which is why I was so taken by this video – a Ted presentation by Jon McNeill about the urgent need he and Elon Musk faced when they introduced all at once thousands of new sales people to sell Teslas. Jon was floored by the need to put in place a training system to get the new sales people up and running all at once, all over the globe. And he knew he just couldn’t put in the usual training system run by staff or consultants. There was just not enough time or resources.

Listen to the remarkable system they came up with and the remarkable result.

For me it hits the key things you need when thinking about how to approach your business for success and getting it systemised.

What this means is please design your organisation around your most important people – your customers and your frontline in a way everyone will get.

Business today needs to be people focused. All your people are important and must be heard and supported but make sure their work is led by the needs of the frontline.

Keep watching to the end – it’s worth it

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