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Is it worth a business documenting their systems?

So often I hear business owners saying they have documented their systems and it cost so much in time and money and then they just can’t get anyone to use them.

So, is it worth it?

The importance of documenting business systems.

Documenting a business system has always been a key part of managing a business, contributing heavily to the success of many companies.

Imagine you are leading a project which is new to your team. You heard your company successfully tackled something similar just a couple of years ago, but the problem is nobody kept a record.

What if they had documented the process, even kept quick documentaries, project timelines and plans, meeting summaries, step-by-step processes, photos, videos, and more? Wouldn’t that information lead to a less time-consuming and practical process and reduce the risk of delays, and mistakes because you’d have valuable information to draw from.

Documenting systems also delivers efficiencies because it makes workflow more consistent and reduces repetitions and errors.

Clear systems like this also help you monitor whether your business is meeting the expectations and standards and meeting your client’s needs.

So, is it worth business documenting systems?


Once you’ve documented your systems:

  • You won’t have so many questions to answer.
  • Things won’t go wrong so often.
  • You’ll be able to make changes to your business processes over time, as technology develops and as the business grows based on a solid known framework.
  • You’ll have secure back up when those unexpected circumstances happen.

Why is it important?

Documented systems help the staff and managers remember the step-by-step procedures of a particular task.

  • They reduce the risk if the responsible employee leaves or is unavailable.
  • They reduce variation in performance and give you operational consistency.
  • They reduce mistakes.
  • A properly systemised business can run without you. With processes done your way engraved in your system, your staff can start running projects alone and you won’t have to worry about unknown outcomes.
  • Training is easier. You don’t have to train them as closely. It’s giving them a cheat sheet so they get it done right.
  • If you add the question to answer their questions – ‘Have you checked the documentation? – you’ll teach them to use their operations manual next time instead of coming to you for the answer.
  • And sometimes if you do let individual employees follow different processes, you’ll be able to make comparisons and opt for best practice. You’ll have a base line to analyze how things go and find the best. You’ll also be able to identify gaps and reduce wasteful activities or unnecessary steps or simplify complicated procedures without losing the quality of your work.


So, yes documenting your procedures makes things easier, flow better, be more consistent, and faster. All better for you and your staff.

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