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How to take the BS out of business speak

I’m sure many of you heard about BS language.

As someone who has navigated the corporate landscape, I’ve often found myself baffled by the unnecessary complexity of the language we use in our professional interactions.

Business Speak is a language we particularly use to communicate at work or the jargon we use only on the job to describe things.

There is also Science Speak and any other Specialist Speak. When writing reports around complex environmental issues, I have been surprised at the obscure reference material I had to translate into lay language, so it was understandable by those of us not up on complex science terminology. Of course, some is essential but the continual use of acronyms and initialisms and unnecessarily complex scientific jargon hides the meaning.

BS language or commonly known as Business Speak or others use this for other term bullsh*t, but don’t get them mixed up.

Just don’t use it in your documented procedures to be used by new members of the team coming on board. Be fair.

Bob Wiltfong, an actor, comedian, and journalist who translates business jargon into everyday language, said that Business Speak is on the rise in our global economy, but there are simple things we can all do on our day-to-day jobs using that language to take the bullsh*t out of Business Speak.

Listen to what he says in this Ted Talk.

Let’s make a commitment to cut through the BS and communicate in a way that empowers everyone in our professional network.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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