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Franchise Radio Show 167 “Importance of Strategy in the Sales Process” with Ben Wright

Ben Wright is a builder of incredible sales teams, a strategist, coach and an avid believer that the best sales leaders are constantly sharpening their tools to achieve an ‘edge’. He’s built from the ground up sales teams in the corporate world, fast-growth start-ups and mature businesses. His last venture was an Australian Growth Company award winner 2 years running and scale from $0 – $40M annual recurring revenue in just over 7 years. Grit is in his blood and he loves stepping up to a challenge.

He’s a published Hubspot and LinkedIn contributor, an energetic father, a happy husband and a loyal friend… that guy you rely on to be there. Most of all, it is a living testament to how thriving personal health and successful professional careers are within every sales leader’s reach.

To listen to this episode “Importance of Strategy in the Sales Process” with Ben Wright, click here.

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