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Franchise Radio Show 152 ‘‘Spacecraft’ – How to Master Business Design,’ with Alisa Newey

Alisa is a versatile professional known for her expertise in design, collaboration, and her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree with a specialisation in sustainable retail space design, reflecting her strong academic foundation. Beyond her architectural background, Alisa has ventured into the realms of business and entrepreneurship, authoring “Open Restaurant That Flourish,” a comprehensive guidebook for launching new ventures and building exceptional brands.

With over 15 years in the commercial sector, Alisa has overseen the successful delivery of projects valued at over $60 million, demonstrating her prowess in the field. As the founder and director of Re:New Design, a distinguished commercial Interior Design studio, she excels in creating remarkable workplace, retail, and hospitality environments. Her unique approach fuses design and business principles, resulting in spaces that seamlessly align with a company’s operations, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Re: New Design’s strength lies in its exceptional team of experts, meticulously tailored to each project’s Franchise Radio Show 152 ‘‘Spacecraft’ – How to Master Business Design,’ with Alisa Newey needs. They guide business owners through site selection, leasing, store design development, and project execution. Drawing from her experience as a small business owner, Alisa understands that profitability is paramount, working closely with business owners and operations teams to ensure that retail and hospitality spaces yield substantial returns on investment. Embracing sustainability, Re: New Design delivers eco-conscious designs that don’t burden businesses financially.

To listen to this episode ‘‘Spacecraft’ – How to Master Business Design,’ with Alisa Newey, click here.


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