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One way we see many businesses organise and create procedures for their businesses is to randomly hit the bits that cause the most pain first. Invariably these tasks are important ones you are about to or have delegated to others to get done. Perhaps a sales process or a process around delivering a product or customer service. Creating a documented procedure can ensure these tasks are done consistently – your way – each time – whoever is doing the job.

And this unplanned bit by bit approach is great in the beginning because it gets the most urgent tasks managed properly.

Then what…

Because we deal with setting up franchises a lot, we find successful systemising or organising a business needs to go way beyond just dealing with the urgent.

If you approach your business as a whole and put in an organised plan which deals:

The business and the process of creating procedures then makes sense. It doesn’t have to be detailed at the beginning. But it does have to provide a foundation.

This second, more organised approach means everyone can help, the job gets done faster, and it gets done in a way that doesn’t repeat things. The results are easier and more intuitive for your staff to use.

This month we will be focussing on organising your business structure.

This newsletter is a start. Here are some great articles from experts all over the web with different ideas on why and how to go about it.

Growing and expanding a business is undoubtedly one of the main goals of every entrepreneur. Profitable growth usually means that you’re succeeding in your efforts, and the hard work is finally paying off. Unfortunately, for many diverse reasons, not every business can thrive…
If you want your company to handle growth and expansion well, you need to structure it right. Your objective should be to build a business that can eventually survive without your active contribution. Most entrepreneurs build a business around their own skills, abilities, and vision. They don’t consider their business to be a separate entity…
When you first launch your business, it’s all about figuring out how you do things and getting them done. But as your business matures, you settle into the way you do things. And you (most of the time) naturally systematize and some of your business process. But while it’s great that systems might accidentally fall into place, that’s not a scalable strategy…
Attending to business on vacation takes something away from you. You may not see it right away, and although you may perceive it as normal that your business needs you 24/7, it is not supposed to be that way. Worst of all is that it’s a symptom that something is wrong.:…
This isn’t the case at all; systematizing your business isn’t the same as restricting and monitoring the activities of each staff member to manage and script every moment of their time. In short, when….

One thing that really helps business owners excel and succeed in business is to have regular holidays. The problem is a lot of business leaders don’t know how to holiday correctly, and it means they are not getting any results – apart from a bigger than usual credit repayment.

There is a right way to take a break from your business and when you get it right the rewards are fantastic…

Every organisation has a structure that directs how employees are managed and ordered. There are four main organisational structures and strategies all leaders need to know. Discover this and more in our complete guide to organisational structures…
Do you need an organizational structure for a small business? Before we had an accountability chart at our e-commerce business, roles were so fuzzy that essential tasks often fell through the cracks, leading to a last-minute panic…
Depending on the size of your team and how your workflows are structured, you may benefit from any number of alternative organizational structures. If your teams are not delivering the outcomes you need, the organizational structure is one possible culprit..

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