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We have listed the most commonly-asked ones below. Please read through these 

franchising FAQs, as they’ll help you to get your head around the whole process.

An operations manual explains how a company does things or gets things done. It is composed of procedures which outline how tasks are executed.

Business procedures, processes, standard operating procedures are all names for the same thing.

Operations manuals, especially for small business, also contain policy statements which outline company values and objectives.

Task based procedures are especially important for the work you think is important to have done consistently your way. 

Without a consistent and reliable business model, it’s next to impossible to scale your business. Your operations manual, when tied to effective training and performance management is essential for keeping the way your business reliable and consistent for your customers.

This helps your brand become better known, increasing turnover, profit and asset value.

Not only that but having documented processes in the first place will mean that your operation runs with less wasted time and money, making it able to rapidly expand.

As the focus is to enable your staff to work consistently your way, especially around dealing with prospective and actual customers, start with how your customers are served. What is the product or service you deliver to your clients and focus on how that delivery is made.

In a restaurant it is how your kitchens and front of house are managed. For a trades business, it is around how the job is conducted (not how a tap is fixed – they should know how to do that anyway) but how to behave around the customer and how to get paid.

We will work with you to define your business and help with planning what needs to go into your operations manuals and which systems to start with first.

In the cloud. Traditionally operations are documented in paper volumes kept in a remote bookshelf. No one ever looks at them and they are very difficult to keep up to date.

Today, there are many ways to host operations in software where they can be managed with ease. Procedures can be kept updated in one place, so they are updated everywhere. Links mean it is intuitively easy to navigate, and operations can be presented in video, text, with images and in audio without a problem. We don’t mind which platform you use. But please make sure you can manage the software without a fuss.

The Systems2Grow Systems Success Path takes you through a three-step process.

Solid Groundwork where we examine your business to streamline it for the most effective delivery of your money-making product

Successful Systems where we help you document your systems as simply and effectively as possible.

Savvy Staff where we ensure your staff are  on-board and happy to do things your way.

Check out the rest of the website to see what is offered.

Absolutely. If you can delegate this task - then this is what we recommend.

Owners are the worst people to document operations. Owners are too busy, so the job is never done. Owners often don’t know how to do the detail of tasks in specialised areas. Of powers do the task, then it becomes more difficult for staff to buy in to the final product.

Make someone your Systems Leader and then give the task to them. They then work with your team to collect and document processes and maintain the system in the long term.

How long is a piece of string? How many tasks are to be documented? How much time will people give to getting the job done? What priority is given to this task – how important is it seen to be?

If a team is dedicated, most systems can substantially be put in place within about 12 weeks.

But, remember, business operations systems are never done – they are always a work in progress. Things will keep coming up.

Contact us. We are glad to help.

Yes. But start with what is important to removing a painful process or what is important for making money.

Anywhere from about $2500 to infinity depending on the job and how you want to get the job done.

Give us a call.


The important things to remember are:

  • Is the system secure?
  • Can you control who sees what?
  • Is it simple to use – for everyone?
  • Is it effective in explaining what you want done to your people?
  • Is it cost effective?
  • Does it integrate with your other digital systems easily?

You’ll have other questions…

Systems2Grow Systems Success Path

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where your business journey is at, there are 3 core steps you must progressively work through to build successful systems for any business

Solid Groundwork

Your ideal client

Core business systems

Organisational structure, roles

Successful Systems

Usable plans

Relevant and intuitive processes

Efficient operations

Savvy Staff

Recruitment & Training

Responsible delegation

Leadership, activating staff buy-in

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Our approach is straightforward, orderly and hands on and our Step-by-Step process grows the asset you want


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Our Client's Testimonials
We grew the business 256% within the first six months just by structuring it right and putting in systems. And this was before we franchised. Sandra Allars Taking Care Mobile Massage
Our Client's Testimonials
Even though we have been operating for 13 years all our systems were everywhere. The software and Prue’s way of putting the operations together means we now have easy to use systems our staff love. Annie Prestwidge Fitclub Boxing Studio

Contact Us Today

To find out more

Our approach is straightforward, orderly and hands on and our Step-by-Step process grows the asset you want


101 John Lund Drive, Hope Island, Queensland 4212

Contact Number:

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