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I have been talking about the need to put in support for your front line. And I firmly believe this is needed whether you are a franchised business or not.

Most franchise groups have franchisee support with field officers who visit their franchised outlets regularly to build relationships, provide training and to make sure things are being done on brand.

Not so much for businesses which are not franchised.

So, when we searched for articles from others which discussed the delivery of support to front line workers rather than customers – there was nothing outside the franchise space.

And there’s the rub.

This is why so many of you complain all your efforts in documenting your processes was a waste of time – no one follows them because you don’t have a system to implement your operations systems.

What does a support office in a franchise group do?

A franchise support office is designed to strengthen the business of both the franchisee and the franchisor. But more than anything, it’s designed to assure franchisees that they are not operating on their own but have a support to back them up. A system which allows them to give their side of the story. Which helps when things go wrong. Gives them training and which makes sure they meet their targets. And one which provides consequences if needed.

The success and growth of any franchise business is significantly determined on having an effective and determined team of franchisees. To ensure a high level of commitment from franchisees, franchisors must ensure that an active and engaged franchise support system is in place.

I firmly believe every business which is looking to expand through multi-unit outlets or staff teams of any kind needs a Support Office – franchised or not.

So while this newsletter is focused on support to franchisees (there is only one exception), think about the content in the context of a normal business outside the legal structure of most franchise groups.

3Ways Your Franchise Support Team Will Make a Difference

When you’re scheming and dreaming to become your own boss, you’ll have many thoughts. Almost all of them, however, are completely centered on yourself. How will I pull this off? What’s the best way for me to get financing? What kind of business do I want to run? How will I make it all a success? Let’s face it. You’re under assumptions here that you’re the center of your own universe. Decision-wise, that’s correct. But once you launch into a franchise operation of your own, guess what? You’ll be backed up
by a veritable army of support from your franchise corporate brand partners. Comforting, isn’t it?

Why You Should Expect Operations Support from Franchise Headquarters

Are you thinking of going down the franchise route? While it requires hard work and dedication, if you have high-quality operations support from a successful and established brand, you’re far more likely to succeed compared to if you were tackling the job alone.

What Kind Of Support Will A Good Franchisor Provide?

When franchisees join a franchise network, they expect guidance and support to navigate the waters of their new venture.


Franchisor support for franchisees varies, and is based on contract. This article covers what you should expect to receive in most franchise systems.

Means Business Ownership With a Support System

In this industry, we have a saying: “With franchising, you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself.” What does that mean exactly? It means when you become your own boss through franchise ownership, you’ll always be able to count on a two-way support system—from both the corporate brand and your fellow franchisees.

What Are Business Support Services?

‘What are business support services, how they can save you money, and free up your time?’ is a question I frequently get asked. Unlike some industries, I have worked and solved the pain points for varied and diverse clients. Busy Lives! services are bespoke to be precisely what you need help with not what ‘Joe Bloggs’ needs. This blog post explains and gives some concrete examples of my current trends in work, things I have
been asked to do and how, as a result, generated more income for businesses.

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