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We know consistency in business is the key to success. Good consistency across the whole group is why the most successful franchises succeed.

Consistency is the name of the game

First, everything the customer experiences is the same, whether in Tasmania or the Northern Territory. Everything looks the same, feels the same, service is delivered to the same sought-after standard. Even when you do have to introduce local differences to bring delivery in line with local needs.

With the best franchises, everything behind the scenes is usually consistent too. Branding and marketing are controlled by a central office and are the same across every outlet. Each outlet also uses the same suite of software for accounting, contacting stakeholders, managing supplies – the list goes on.

This level of consistency is the thing that ensures customers are attracted to new businesses opening up in new greenfield areas. It brings a flavour of goodwill and keeps customers coming back time and time again. They know what to expect and like it.

So how do you ensure you can get consistency throughout your business. 

Here are five tips.

1. Prepare good systems on a solid foundation

We know your business foundation needs to be very clear. 

What is it you provide to whom?

What are the characteristics of the people who will do the delivery and interact with your clients?

What support will those people need from you to bring in the money you all so clearly deserve?

2. Documented in a way that is easily understood

Different people have different ways of absorbing information (text, video, audio, images…)

Different kinds of information lend themselves to different modes.

Different circumstances require different ways of delivering information. At induction a 40 minute explanatory video might be the way to go but when you are next doing the job and have forgotten that one important point you don’t want to have to trawl through 30 minutes of video to find it.

So be flexible and give the information in as many ways as you can to meet the requirements of your staff

3. Which are easily found intuitively and very fast

And remember people will want the information available at their fingertips. If they can’t find it at the touch of a button they will rely on the whispers of co-workers or just get on with the job their own way. 

Neither way will be your way and there goes the consistency.

4. Supported by great training and staff relationship building

No one will use your systems if they are not used through induction training and then again through ongoing training on the job. 

You have to take the lead and show you are serious about how things are to be done.

When you are contacted with that question ‘How do I do something?’ Ask a question back, ‘Have you checked the operations manual?’

5. And gently enforced through regular performance management

Then make sure you or your trusty Support Manager visits each outlet frequently to make sure each is being looked after consistently your way and your customers are happy.

We believe the only way a great system like this can be delivered is through a simple to use software platform. When operations are easily available on tablet or phone at the flick of a finger, they are more likely to be used all the time. The best software platforms are:

  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitively constructed
  • Loved by staff

And this applies to both your staff writing the systems and those using them to get the job done. 

We promote a number of different platforms depending on your business and where you are in the development of your business.

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