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It’s no accident franchises do it better.

One of the main ways they are better is because here in Australia and in most parts of the world, franchisors are required to prepare a franchisee operations manual to lay out the procedures needed to run and manage the business in accordance with brand rules.

Operations manuals are needed to manage consistency in business too.

I acknowledge that preparing and maintaining these manuals is one of the biggest tasks associated with developing a franchise group.

Making sure franchisees actually use the manuals is another task which is not easy to put in place. The job can seem tedious and for most entrepreneurs, restricting because the rules bind the franchisor too. No flip flopping about following the next bright and shiny object.

The thing is – systems driven businesses which have documented procedures to protect those systems are always going to have the best opportunities for growth.

Become one of them.

Here are a few articles discussing some points around why business systems and documented procedures work:

Consistency in business

Building consistency in the way your business is run and managed is one very important key to business success

When you build a consistent relationship with your employees, customers, partners, and other people in your business, this habit becomes a solid foundation for their business’s long-term success and growth…

Why franchise systems work

Because they must delegate tasks to their franchise partners – their franchisees – to ensure delivery of sales and/or delivery of their product is consistent with their brand. Franchising is about replicating parts of the business and delegating those parts to others, so your service is delivered the same way every time. Other business models need this level of consistency too.

Franchising is unique in that its business models depend on systems to function correctly. A business opportunity that isn’t a franchised operation does not have the luxury of a structured operating system set forth by a parent brand that offers ongoing support. Components of such systems include an operations manual, training, continuous support, and a protected territory…

How do franchise operations’ manuals add to business success

Operations manuals establish a set of rules about how important tasks are done by everyone across the organisation the same way every time. Essential to have effective operations manuals if you want to achieve effective, consistent delegation

A franchise operations manual contains all the details and knowhow that makes a brand successful. It is therefore important to guard its contents and share it with only franchisees….

The link to training in most franchises

The operations manuals provide the basis of much of the franchise training at induction and ongoing training needs

Follow the System!” is a mantra you will hear often in the franchise world and it’s for a good reason. Franchises are successful precisely because they offer a tried and true system to follow. Franchise operations systems are effectively an instruction manual for helping new franchise owners run their businesses as effectively (and successfully) as possible.

Ongoing support

Keep the relationship going, manage performance, ongoing training – especially business training if needed

The franchisor’s job is to continually enable each of their franchisees to build a stable and successful business…

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