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10 signs you should invest in adding operations to manage key business processes

So many of us start in business managing every task ourselves. At first it’s interesting, absorbing, fun even. Then work takes over. And whatever we do, there are not enough days in the week to get everything done business wise let alone for life.

So, we put on staff, but so often that doesn’t work so well either. Nothing is done right without daily hands-on management.

And you just don’t know how to move forward, growing your business successfully into the future.

The answer is – systemise, document and delegate successfully.

What are the signs you have reached the stage where you need to better manage key business processes.?

You know you need to provide consistent service but somehow it doesn’t happen

Frequently, business growth is engineered by increasing sales and delivery of your service which generally means you need to put on more sales and delivery staff.

Up to a point, this works. You have the time and ability to train and manage staff to get the work done the company way, so everything stays on brand.

At some point though, you notice it is becoming more difficult to manage and you notice tasks become inconsistent across the organisation.

You train staff but no one seems to remember the details, so they just do it their way anyway

The frustration is you know you are training staff to get the job done your way. But they just don’t remember the details. The result is everyone is doing things a little differently – their way.

You receive constant calls from staff asking you to remind them about specific tasks

When they do remember there is a company procedure or they can’t figure out how to do it any way, they’ll ring you with questions – frequently.

The result is you are constantly on the phone fielding questions you know you should not be handling.

Customers comment on the different service processes provided by different providers in your business

After a while your customers start to notice the different levels of service. At first the comments come in about the difference between the service you personally provided last time and the indifferent service from your newest recruit.

Eventually, the comments are about the varying service across the organisation.

Customer complaints are increasing

Ultimately the comments turn into complaints and the accolades you used to receive are disappearing.

You just don’t feel you can leave them to get on with the job without your input

And finally, you just don’t feel you can move out of managing the day to day of the business. You feel trapped working in the business managing the level of service you provide to your customers.

You want to expand the business, but you can’t see how you can manage the additional staff needed to make that growth happen

But you do want to grow the business. This has always been your dream. You want to be able to expand across the city, into other States and perhaps overseas.

But you just cannot see how to expand beyond a level where you are in control of everything. You are only one person, and you can only manage so many interactions each day.

Business takes up your whole life and you can never get away

And anyway, business is no longer such fun. It has taken up your whole life. You no longer have time for the fun things you used to do in your off time.

Your family and friends comment that you are never available for them

And you family and friends are adding to the list of complaints you are receiving from your customers. The children are growing up and you are not there for them. That all important sports day, play, recital, teacher-parent meeting gets missed again.

You really want a holiday but just can’t see how to make it happen

And you know you deserve that holiday you can afford but just don’t have the time to take.

So, what to do?

The answer is become organised – well before you reach this point of drowning in business.

We agree it’s not easy and we know it’s well worth the effort.

We have seen so many businesses start down the path of becoming:

In short, become the business leader you always wanted to be and delegate responsibly so your business can grow successfully.

Business growth starts within 3 months of putting in the first all-important operations and you will find you actually can take the time for that well deserved holiday with the family.

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